Thursday, April 22, 2004

Vasquez and the 10-game segments

Well, that was a less than pleasing game last night. Despite the enthusiasm created by the way the White Sox played in Yankee Stadium, the White Sox are now down 2-4 on the Yankees for the year - a struggling Yankee team at that. You might say well, the White Sox have run into a tough Javier Vasquez twice, but it's funny, the Red Sox didn't have so much trouble with him, and they aren't hitting as well as the White Sox right now. If the White Sox lose tonight, they'll have lost 5 of 7 from the Yankees. Not so good.

Let's only hope the Twinkies repeat their 2003 performance versus the Yankees (0-7).

By the way, the schedule has the White Sox playing only 8 of their first 33 games versus the A.L. Central, while the Twins play their first 18 games against AL Central foes. The Twinks then play Toronto, Seattle, Anaheim, Oakland and Seattle before playing the White Sox.

I like to break up the schedule into 10-game segments, to track the Sox's performance over the year. I figure out of the 16 10-game segments (yeah I know the season is 162 games), the Sox need to have at least four or five 7+ win segments to reach 86 wins. So far, the Sox went 6-4 in the first 10 game segment and are now 2-2 in the second 10 game segment.

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