Friday, April 23, 2004

ChicagoSports.com - Gload a hit as DH with Thomas out

Damn. More Ross Gload content.

I don't know why Ross said this:
"You can make the argument that I'm the 25th man right now," Gload said. "I need to keep doing what I've been doing—not necessarily replace people but fill in."

I hope it's just a motivational tool for himself. Kelly Dransfeldt is the 25th man right now, and he'll get sent back down when Jose Valentin returns.

But more concerning to me is the fact that the White Sox have Timo Perez. I guess he is supposed to fill the Marvin Benard role of lefty hitting centerfielder. The problem is, a lefty hitting centerfielder is only valuable if, well, they hit lefty and play centerfield. We know that Timo can't hit with his career .276/.312/.397 line (Wait! he's a career .276 hitter! - but so was Mike Caruso). But Timo's also not, strictly speaking, a centerfielder - he played most of his games in right and left field for the Mets. (That's scary for the Mets. They must have really sucked to trot Timo out into LF/RF 200 times over the last 4 years).

But why do we even have to have a lefty-hitting centerfielder with MLB experience who sucks like Timo Perez with Jeremy Reed in the minors?

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