Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Conversations At First Base

While watching the game tonight on MLB Extra Innings I noticed Miguel Olivo talking to Ben Broussard at first base after he got a cue shot hit to Right Field. He laughed and started talking to Broussard. Other than the last play, what do Olivo and Brousasard have to talk about?

Which brings me to a more general topic - first base conversations. I've played my share of first base in my time and have had no particular desire to talk to the people who reach base. They're the enemy, I don't really know them for the most part, and I've got other things to think about.

But Paul Konerko seems to love to talk at first base. He seems really pleased when someone reaches base, because he has someone to engage in conversation. It's almost as though he's willing the Sox pitchers to give up bingles.

What is he talking about all the time? The weather? Gardening supplies? The pantomime of Marcel Marceau? What I want is a microphone on Konerko for a 3-game set against a random team, like the Mariners, and have a transcript produced. My guess is that he'd say at least 10 bizarre or offputting things in a three game series...like, "Hey, Olerud, what do you think about Kurt Cobain's suicide? You think it was the CIA? I think it was the CIA."
Maybe this is something Comcast Sports Net Chicago will do. If I could pay $50 extra per year for the Konerko transcript service, I'd probably pay it.

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