Sunday, April 25, 2004

Oh the Horror - the Twins schedule

As noted below, the Twins had the fortune of playing their first 18 games against AL Central teams. Well, that's over now, and the Twins will be playing, consecutively, Toronto (home), Anaheim (home), Seattle (road), Oakland (road), Seattle (home). Lucky for them, they miss last year's Cy Young award winner. Although Toronto's bats have been quiet this season, they really picked up against Baltimore today. But they send Lilly, De Los Santos and Bautista to the mound - not exactly tough sledding. The six against Seattle would otherwise be troubling, but Seattle's offense has collapsed this year to the tune of a .392 slugging percentage. Seattle doesn't even have as many walks as the White Sox!

The games against Anaheim and Oakland should be a good test for the Twinkies, however. If they go 4-2 against those teams, I guess we'll just have to accept that the Twinks are, indeed, for real again this year.

Meanwhile, the Pale Hose get Cleveland (home), Toronto (home), Baltimore (road), Toronto (road) and Baltimore (home) during the same stretch. The Orioles are much improved this year ...they spent money improving themselve up the middle ... and will be a pretty good test. The Sox, of course, get Halladay in game 2 of that series (matched up against Wright unless they skip him and let Buerhle pitch). He's got a 2.35 ERA against the Sox over the last three years. So the Sox have no easy task during this stretch. The softest part of the Sox's schedule (at least I hope it turns out to be soft) is the 22 consecutive games against AL Central teams starting July 21. Only 3 of those games are against the Twins. Interestingly, the Sox play all 19 of their games against the newly-resurgent Tigers after the All-Star Break. If the Tigers are going to break down into the 72 win team we all know they are, they will have done it by then.

It all gets interesting, of course, when the Sox and Twins collide May 20th in the Twinkiedome.

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