Thursday, April 22, 2004

Whew, that was a close one.

Tonight's game against the Yankees was not a great game to watch on TiVo at 2 and 3 times speed. Schoeneweis seems to love having runners on base - he seems to like them on second most of all - and I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop on him. Thankfully, the shoe did not drop on Schoe, and Politte did a nice job in relief. Marte was heart attack city, but Willie Harris (who's a horrible, horrible offensive player) turned a terrific double play to win it.

For some reason, maybe it's just this kind of stuff, but I also like Ross Gload. He took a nice curve ball from Mussina into the left-center field gap with two outs to put the Sox up 3-0. That really wound up being the offensive play of the game.

Amazing stat on Sports Center tonight - in a feature on Barry Bonds, Tim Kurkjian noted that Frank Thomas has only swung and missed 3 out of 90 swings this year. That's a phenomenal statistic. It tells me that Frank's low average is due to quite a bit of bad luck. If he's on most pitches and not swinging through fastballs, I have a hunch that he's going to have a pretty good year. I'd love a repeat of his year 2000, but even a .300/.420/.580 year would be fantastic. Frank used to do that as a matter of course....it's pretty much his career average.

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