Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Why It's Harder To Be A White Sox Fan Than Any Other Fan

The worst part about being a White Sox fan and be faced with many long years of frustration is that we get little credit for such frustration. It's as though the fan frustration factor can be boiled down to an equation:

Adjusted Fan Frustration = Years Since Last World Championship / Public Acknowledgement of Fan Frustration

By this measurement, it's almost good to be a fan of the Red Sox or Cubs - they have storied histories at this point. We don't even have that. We have unacknowledged pain, which weighs more heavily.

Here's another example of that. In today's Washington Post (pointed out by ever eagle-eyed Don Kosin) Thomas Boswell notes:

"If this Red Sox cast can't win it all, especially after the first-round standing eight-count they've just laid on the Yankees, then the 86-year wait to break the Curse of the Bambino may continue for eternity. As folks in Chicago can attest as they endure their 58-season Series drought, that just wouldn't be right. "

I guess the 1959 World Series didn't alleviate the drought for the "folks in Chicago." Boswell's an otherwise good sports writer, but he just doesn't get that it's worse to be a White Sox fan than a Cubs fan. And the reason it's worse is that he doesn't get it.

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