Tuesday, May 11, 2004

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well, the Sox had quite a turnaround from their slumber in Toronto this weekend, pounding out 15 runs on 19 hits in stomping the Orioles tonight. Everybody but Carlos Lee got involved, with Willie Harris (!) and Magglio Ordonez having 4 hits a piece.

The Sox will definitely move up in the old pythagorean standings with this 15-run victory. And they didn't even need Billy Koch to give up gratuitous runs in the 9th inning. (By the way, www.billykochsucks.com is still available if you want it).

I watched the game at home on Comcast Sportsnet (at least the first 6 innings) and I have to say that Mark Buerhle looked exceedingly sharp with his curveball. His curveball is a nice weapon when he can get it over. I wonder if some of the struggles in the last couple of years for him is that he's been a three-pitch pitcher (fastball, cut fastball, change). Anyway, it's nice to see him with a good outing. No doubt, the 5 days of rest helped him out.

Kudos to Ozzie tonight for yanking Buerhle despite the shutout when Buerhle hit 100 pitches after 7 innings. No sense in burning Buerhle out going into the weekend series with the Twinkies (Buerhle will pitch Sunday), especially where Buerhle has shown fatigue in the past coming off of 120 pitch outings. I'm sure Buerhle could have finished the shutout tonight, but here, discretion really was the better part of valor.

As with all 15 run performances, you hope the Sox have something left for tomorrow night against Erik BAY-Dard (as the Orioles announcers pronounce it). Good ol' Erik throws from the left side, so we should have all of our weapons deployed tomorrow night.

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