Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I've been busy at work, so it's been difficult to post. But the three game sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays was frustrating. Sure, the White Sox are going to run into a buzzsaw every now and again, playing a team that's hot. And the Blue Jays have now won 5 in a row.

The frustrating part of it was thinking about the 10 game segment that the sweep ruined. I wrote earlier about thinking of the season in 16 10-game segments. The Sox were off to a decent start with 2 6-4 segments. The 5-2 start to segment 3 was promising - the Sox only needed to go 1-2 in Toronto to clinch another 6-4 segment or if they could take 2 of 3, have a 7-3 segment.

My little 10-game segment thing is baloney (bologne?) of course, but it is true that a team needs to have really hot stretches to make the playoffs. The Sox need at least 4 or 5 segments where they go 7-3 or better, because we know they will go 3-7 or 2-8 at least once or twice. Every time they can go 7-3 over 10 games, they're gaining 4 games over .500. Put together 4 of those stretches, and the team is 16 games over .500 - meaning that they can play about .500 during the rest of the time and still go 89-73. 89-73 would definitely put the Sox in the playoff race, if not win them the division.

Big series this week. The Sox, at minimum, have to take 2 of 3 from the O's going into the weekend series with the Twinkies. The Twinks aren't super hot right now either (going 2-4 like the Sox on their 6 game SEA/OAK trip), so a little momentum into the weekend can go a long way.

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