Monday, May 31, 2004

Fifth Starter - Why Not Another Name?

How about Tomo Ohka for the 5th starter slot? A few of reasons why: (1) He's got an ERA of 3.05; (2) has walked only 14 in 62 innings pitched; (3) earns only $2.3 million - the Sox would probably only have to pay $1.6 million of that for the rest of the year; (4) he is Japanese, and thereby provides a friend/buddy for Shingo Takatsu; (5) he's got a career ERA of less than 4.00; and (6) the Expos' hitting is atrocious. Among other things, they are getting a .251/.301/.368 line from their Left-Fielders, a .252/.292/.353 line from their Center Fielders, and a .234/.306/.389 line from their Right Fielders.

So why not package up Jon Rauch, Timo Perez, and Joe Borchard for Tomo Okha and a lower-level OF prospect? Montreal gets a starting pitcher they likely can plug into the rotation now (Rauch) plus a MLB outfielder (Perez) and a top OF prospect who likely could be playing for Montreal this year (Borchard)? Rowand could also be subbed into this deal - leaving space for Jeremy Reed on the 25-man roster. It's most likely a salary wash for Montreal - they skip out on paying Okha $1.6 million, and pick up major-league-minimum players in return.

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