Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Masses Cry Out - Enough Of Danny Wright

Dan Wright has done nothing in the last two years to show that he should be in the White Sox rotation. Period.

It's unclear whether the Sox will give Danny Wright (or his musical works) any more chances this year. 4 starts is not a whole lot. But they have been 4 bad starts - his best thus far has been a 5 1/3 inning start giving up 3 runs ... not even a quality start. He's now 24 for 67 in producing quality starts in his career. That's just not Major League material.

The problem may be that Danny may be out of options, since he's played parts of 3 years in the big leagues. That means he has to clear waivers to be sent down to Charlotte. The question is whether (1) Kenny Williams could get any trade value from him; and (2) whether he would clear waivers. Danny's got a good arm, so it seems likely that some other club might pick him up and try to turn him into a short reliever (which he should be doing with the White Sox anyway).

However, if you don't send him down, and put him in the bullpen, you have to bring up someone from the minors to put in the starting rotation (perhaps Felix Diaz or Jason Grilli). The likely scenario is that Cotts goes to Charlotte to join their rotation to get stretched out in case Wright's replacement doesn't cut it. Or they dump Adkins into the minors again, although he's probably pitched well enough to stay.

There are no easy answers here as to what to do with Danny Wright. But the solution cannot be to leave him in the rotation.

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