Thursday, May 13, 2004

My Least Favorite Team Is Also The White Sox

Well, the White Sox played a colossally bad first game of the doubleheader today..getting shut down by a AA pitcher making his major league debut. 3 Hits today - 2 for Ross Gload, who was (most peculiarly) hitting out of the three hole. Have I said ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH lately?

By the way, CBS Sportlines has a nice live update feature. It's automatic, and like the MLB.com feature, it has pitch location. I especially like when whoever is updating the pitch location disagrees with the umpire and puts a "ball" in the strike zone or a "strike" outside the zone. It's CBS Sportsline's own QuesTec!

I Continue To Dislike Willie Harris

Willie Harris was a complete zero in the first game of the DH today. Note that he pulled his average up to .327 this year largely due to his 9-for-12 stretch over the last two games of the Toronto series and the 15-0 drubbing on Tuesday night. Before that, he was hitting .260 with a .300 OBP.

I now believe that Willie Harris' hitting streaks are like a recurrent rash - it occasionally flares up, only to quickly subside and disappear as if it were never their in the first place. Yup, that's Willie. The Rash.

Juan Uribe's May Fade

You heard it here first (see below), but it's not surprising that Juan Uribe has faded in May. A number of strikeouts lately and he's swinging at bad pitches. I hope Juan bounces back, because he's arguably been the Hose's MVP thus far this year, but his career record should give anyone pause.

As if you couldn't tell, my enthusiasm level is waning today. I'd describe it as having gone from "guarded but fair" when the Sox were 17-10 to "guarded and low" today.

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