Sunday, May 23, 2004

Ozzie's Opened Can of Whoop-Ass

I'm not really interested in writing much about the Sox on a game-by-game basis, simply because people can watch the highlights on Baseball Tonight or read about the games in the Tribune or the Sun-Times. But when you have a game like the 17-7 drubbing of the Twins today, you have to write about it. And there are very good reasons to write about it.

I had to experience the essential parts of the game through my Handspring Treo today while I was at Whiskey Creek shooting a 51/53-104 (it was hot and ugly today). TiVo, for some reason, tried to pick up the FSN Chicago feed when that was blacked out instead of the MLB Extra Innings feed. Anyway, on the 16th tee, I saw the White Sox were up three-zippy in the top of the 1st, it buoyed my spirits (which were then dashed as I took a snowman on 16). On 17, I saw that the Twinkies had quickly tied the score in the bottom of the 1st...bummer. Checked again on the 18th tee and saw the Twinks were up 5-3, which pretty much convinced me that I had made a major mistake by congratulating Jon Garland on his maturity a few posts ago. Once again, I was ruing the day I became a White Sox fan.

After the hour-plus trip home, I checked the old Treo and, to my complete startlement, I saw the White Sox had put up a 17 spot on the Twinks. That was sweet as sweet can be. Not only did the White Sox stage a comeback, they did it in a way that really put the beat down on the Twins...this must have been the best thing on TV since Wrath of Khan a couple of weeks ago.

I made it home to catch the 8th and 9th innings on MLB Extra Innings, which had the Twinkies feed. Good old "Circle Me" Bert Blyleven was pretty clear about the situation - the Sox came into the TwinkieDome and hammered the Twinkies. He was making some of the same comments the White Sox announcers have made in the past - that it's still early in the season, these games aren't important as they would be later in the season. Hah! It was the early season swoon for the White Sox last year that doomed them to a second place finish. I would like nothing more than to see the Twinkies suffer the same fate - especially because their second half schedule is tougher than the Sox's second half schedule. But I think this series is the first time the Sox have really beaten the Twinkies in the TwinkieDome for a long time. And it was a good beating. It also proves to the Sox they can win in the TwinkieDome - 4 down, 6 to go. (Importantly, 7 of the 10 TwinkieDome games are in the first half...in the second half its 6 in the Cell and 3 in the Dome for the White Sox against the Twins).

Only one more series for the Sox against the Twins in the first half - in the TwinkieDome June 29-July 1. Taking that series would be huge.

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