Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Saving The Worst For Me, I Guess

Well, I attended tonight's thrashing at the hands of the Orioles. It was, by far, the worst game played by the White Sox this year. Three errors and only five hits. Even Maggs' homer in the first was kind of an ugly swing. I missed Crede's homer while I was going to buy a italian sausage (more on that later).

I think tonight was Dransfeldt's last night in the majors with the Sox. He did not make it a memorable evening, booting an easy two out grounder that led to a 4 run Oriole rally that really settled the game. It was a pretty good run, Kelly, but you've now even the score at 1-1 in terms of wins and losses where you made the difference. Say hello to Jeremy Reed for us.

Loiaza was not sharp and his fastball did not break 91 all game that I could tell. He was also lackluster in keeping runners from stealing; he appeared not to be paying any attention at all when there was a double steal in the 4th. Olivo also threw two into centerfield on Roberts steal attempts. All around, it was an ugly night.

The Sausage Cycle

As posted in this space below, I attempted and actually achieved the Sausage Cycle this evening. Before the game started, I went to Camden street to pick up a Polish Sausage from a local vendor. It was delicious, flavored with delightful deli mustard. It was the real home run of the group.

While I was still outside on Camden street, I picked up a Bratwurst at another vendor, because I knew I couldn't get it in the Yard. It was a weak bratwurst, but to be expected. For those of you who do not now, it is almost impossible to get a good bratwurst on the east coast. They just aren't made or cooked with the same love you get in the Midwest. I yearn for the brats you get in Chicago. Because of the rarity of bratwurst on the east coast, it was really the triple of the Sausage Cycle.

At the time of Big Joe's home run in the fourth, as discussed above, I was purchasing and beginning to eat an Italian Sausage. It was good for a ballpark italian sausage, and it got spicier as I ate it. With a little peppers and onions, it was a solid double.

After the seventh inning, and the game was out of hand for the White Sox, I finished the Sausage Cycle by downing a Hot Dog. I put some mustard and ketchup on it, and sucked it up to complete the cycle. The hot dog is, of course, the most plentiful sausage and it would have to count as the single of the Sausage Cycle.

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