Monday, May 17, 2004

Stroll Through The Offensive Statistics

Now that the season is 36 games old (2/9 of the season), it's another good time to look at the Sox's offensive stats to see what we can see.

Carlos Lee's walk rate. Carlos has walked 17 times in 35 games, which puts him on a pace for about 75 walks. That's nice, and he's got a .356 OBP to boot. There's no question that Carlos has had some poor stretches in the early going, but his willingness to take 4 bad ones and trot to first has smoothed out his contributions to the team. The question remains, however - is Carlos some sort of freak hitter that hits poorly when he's more patient? It seems like his walk totals go up when he's not hitting well. Maybe he's just a better hitter (average wise) when he's being aggressive. Overall, the contribution to OBP seems to even out. But maybe his slugging percentage suffers, which is kind of a problem. Only 4 homers so far.

Joe Crede's walk-less, hit-less power performance. Joe's got 8 homers, including some big ones, but only 7 walks (on about a 30 walk pace) and has an OBP of .263. He's hurting the team big time with that OBP number, but his power an clutch hitting have been helping. In times past, Joe's slumps have been characterized by little power. That he's getting his dingers in during his season-long slump thus far is a little weird. If Crede gets hot, getting his average up to something like .270-.280, maybe he'll come through with 40 homers. That would be nice. Don't count on it, though.

Frank's walk-ful, hit-less power performance. And then there's Frank, with 7 long ones and, God bless him, 35 walks in 33 games. He's on base 44% of the time with a .505 SLG percentage. He's still the most productive hitter on the Sox.

Willie Harris. I'm still not convinced, but the .365 OBP is a .365 OBP. He does that all year, and the Sox have found a hitter. Where's your power, though, Willie?

Overall OBP - .345. I've seen shabbier, and it's better than the .331 in 2003, the .338 in 2002, and the .334 in 2001. If it weren't for Joe Crede's woeful .265 OBP, the Sox's OBP would be around .354. Get rid of Rowand, and it's .360, near the top of the league.

Jose's Lefty only experiment. He's got a .636 OPS hitting lefty versus lefties. Crappy, yes, but better than his .491 OPS over 2001-2003 hitting righty versus lefty. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

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