Saturday, May 01, 2004

Three Minor Leaguers I Want To Know More About

(1) Brandon McCarthy - He's pitched 23.2 innings in Kannapolis with 29 strikeouts and 7 walks. He was a 17th round draft pick in 2002, and apparently has shown strikeout abilities for two years now. Still at Kannapolis, his numbers are intriguing.

(2) Mike Spidale - I don't know much about him either, but he's a 22 year old outfielder with Birmingham. I've also seem him credited as a 3B in a box score, but some of the references are to him playing CF, and he's credited with 16 games in the OF by Baseball America so far this year. He's got a pleasing .302/.431/.472 line at Birmingham this year, including a team-leading 12 walks. If he is a CF and can maintain a .400 OBP, that's interesting.

(3) Michael Morse - Apparently, Mr. Morse is a SHORTSTOP with a .338/.384/.634 line so far this year. Only 4 walks, but he's got 5 homers already playing in the Hoover Met, not known as a hitter friendly park. He's still just 22, so he may be a prospect yet. I've heard zippy about him thus far, but it would be nice for the Sox to have a shortstop who can hit in their system. They haven't had one since................Luke Appling? [Edit - There is a story on Morse here.]

Charlotte's Striking Staff

Also encouraging on the minor league front is that Charlotte's starting pitching staff is throwing strikes. Here's what I see:

Felix Diaz31.13(!)29
Jason Grilli23.2524
Ryan Kohlmeier23.2524
Jon Rauch28.24(!)22
Josh Stewart23513

Pretty great numbers from Diaz, Grilli and Rauch so far.

Which Brings Me To Trade Thoughts...

I think the White Sox have kind of soured on Rauch, so his performance makes him pretty good trade bait. I think, however, that he might come back to haunt the White Sox unless they get quite a bit for him. The Brewers have middle infielders coming up, so Junior Spivey (of the career .363 OBP Spiveys) might become available...although he's a right hand hitter. Jose Vidro may become available, too, but he's making $9,000,000 this year (wow), and that would probably be too much salary unless the Expos wanted to take Carlos Lee off the White Sox's hands.

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