Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another Ordonez Report

Kevin Dever picks up another report from Newsday out of New York saying that talks between Ordonez and the White Sox have broken down.

The latest report is that Ordonez and the Sox were close on 4-year, $50 million dollar deal, but that too much of the money was deferred.

Here's a couple of weird things about this report - (a) it's a different reporter from the last week; and (2) the contract is far different than the 5-year $70 milion deal reported last week.

Different reporters tend to have different sources, so if as it was speculated by Greg Couch, the original came out of the Management camp, then maybe this one came out of the Ordonez camp. And Kevin asks a pretty good question - why is all of this coming out of New York? Whatever the two stories are, they seem to be a tit-for-tat affair.

Second, the 4-year $50 million deal is a much different one than the 5-year $70 million deal discussed last week. It's $1.5 million less per year, and 1 fewer years. This is the key difference - Vladimir Guerrero range has been reduced to Garrett Anderson range, which makes a lot of sense, as I discussed in an earlier post.

If the two parties have agreed on total dollars and years, they really aren't far apart. Even if the Sox are trying to defer $4 million per year 10 years into the future, the net present value difference between the two sides is not dramatic.

Despite the rhetoric in these articles, I think this is a deal that can be (and, hopefully, will be) done.

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