Sunday, June 06, 2004

Buried Wunsch Tidbit in Today's Trib Notes

In today's Trib, Foltman reports that "Reliever Kelly Wunsch cleared waivers after being sent to Triple-A Charlotte and the Sox 40-man roster is now at 39."

That's a key piece of information. It means that nobody in the bigs - no one- wanted to pick up Kelly Wunsch as a left-handed arm out of the bullpen, even though Kelly has pitched relatively well in Chicago and in Charlotte this year. That means that the Sox won't be able to get much(if anything) out of Wunsch in a trade. It's hard to lose bargaining chips like that - I'm surprised he was out of options and couldn't just be optioned down to Charlotte.

I hope that roster spot was worth it.

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