Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A Hearty Welcome To The Blogosphere

I've added a link to The Cheat's blog on the left. If you are one of the people that Fortuna's Wheel has brought you to this site and are interested in the White Sox, The Cheat's blog has shown some promising analysis. He's also a poster at soxtalk.com, which is the most useful source of information on the Sox's minor league system. The message boards there are, well, what you would expect from message boards.

If you are wondering how someone names themself "the Cheat", please run, don't walk, to www.homestarrunner.com. If you are a fan of bizarro comedy and 1980's pop culture, you'll like it. Anyone who can turn the Atari Adventure dragon (which looks like a duck in the primitive graphics of the time) into a music video character deserves our attention and support.

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