Monday, June 28, 2004

If You Were The Twinkies' GM

First, you'd be thanking Fortuna's Wheel that the Twinkies have lucked into about 5 victories this year. Second, you'd have to look at the Freddy Garcia trade and think that the Twinkies have to shore up their own rotation. Kyle Lohse - currently in the 4 hole - is at best a 5th starter, and the Sox's rotation is now clearly 4-5 games better than the Twinkies over the course of the next 3 months.

I think that the Twinkies' GM (Ryan) has got to be considering deals to clear out the Twinkies' backlog of LF/1B prospects from the minors. He's already cleared out Dustin Mohr and Bobby Kielty; it's likely that Justin Morneau, Restovich, et al. could be on the way out this summer. With Russ Ortiz still available, a Ortiz/Morneau deal could be a possibility, althought Morneau's apparently retched performance in the field could be an issue. I'm assuming that the Twinks would have to give up real prospects to get someone like Ortiz and the cash necessary to pay his salary the rest of the way.

The ball is definitely in the Twinkies' court. With the White Sox having faced the toughest part of their schedule in the first half, the Twinkies aren't going to be getting any favors from the schedule maker a la last year.

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