Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More Twins Luck

So the Twinkies, like the Sox last night tie up the game in the top of the 9th against the Expos in Montreal. OK, I guess add another game to the Twinkies' silly total of gratuitous 9th inning comebacks. Fortuna's wheel will catch up with them sometime. (Another explanation for the Twins luck could be the utter disaster the Vikings have been in the NFL. Chicago has been blessed by the Bears and Bulls, while the Twin Cities have suffered some excrutiating losses by the Vikings and the Timberwolves. Even the North Stars had a pretty bad run of luck, broken only by their move to Dallas. But then again since the Twin Cities stole Major League Baseball from D.C. and the Indian Burial Grounds under old Griffith Stadium, they have some bad karma. At least in Chicago, we've never stolen a team from another city. And the only team we've lost - the NFL Cardinals - are such a laughingstock we wouldn't take them back. But I digress).

But the Twinkies got unreasonably lucky in the 10th inning - Luis Rivas leads off the inning with a drive down the left field line. It hooks foul by about 4-5 feet, and bounces off the wall behind the outfield wall. On the way back, it bounces off the foul pole screen (which extends below sight below the outfield wall), shaking the same.

The third base umpire completely blows the call - he sees the shaking of the foul pole screen and assumes that the ball has hit it on the way out. Lip reading on Extra Innings, I can tell that that is the story he's told to Frank Robinson as he charges out onto the field. After arguing with all four umpires, Robinson points out each umpire and gives them the "choke" sign and was tossed. As Bat Girl accurately describes, it took him just about everything he had to get thrown out - the umps didn't want to do it.

The third base umpire is clearly no physicist. It's impossible that a line drive could hit the foul pole netting and bounce behind the outfield wall. Robinson, not a physicist himself (I think he is a kinesiologist...or maybe an otorhinolaryngologist), probably didn't make this argument, but if he had, he might have himself a winner.

Instead, we are faced with more Twinkies luck. Hopefully, Matt Guerrier will pitch like the Hot White Sox Pitching Prospect he was tomorrow night in Montreal.

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