Thursday, June 03, 2004

Post By Request

Hey, my first comment requesting a post on a subject! Like taping a dollar bill to a wall behind a cash register, it's worth putting up in full:

On : 6/3/2004 6:44:30 PM HCarabina (www) said:

I would like some predictions on what moves, if any, GM Williams will make in light of the possibility of surgery for Mags.

Well, that's a good question. The report from the Official White Sox Web Site is now that Maggs will be out for 4-7 weeks and that Jamie Burke will be called up from AAA Charlotte to fill his roster spot.

OK, well, let's map this out. 4-7 weeks means that Maggs will be back by July 1- July 22. July 11 is the All Star Break.

Burke will serve a a third catcher, giving Ozzie some flexibility to pinch hit for Olivo and Alomar. But he's also another right handed hitter. Now the Sox are aligned as follows:

OF: Rowand (R) Lee (R) Harris (L) Perez (L) Gload (L)
1B: Konerko (R), Gload (L), Thomas (R)
2B: Harris (L), Uribe (R), Dransfeldt (R)
SS: Valentin (L), Uribe (R), Dransfeldt (R)
3B: Crede (L), Uribe (R)
C: Olivo (R), Alomar (R), Burke (R)

Bottom line, however, is that the Sox will have to start a left-handed hitting outfielder every game under the current roster, meaning that, at most, the Sox will have 2 lefty hitters on the bench. If Harris and Gload are in the starting lineup, only Perez would be on the bench. Moreover, Burke and Dransfeldt really aren't starting options...so the bench is pretty thin going into the interleague part of the schedule.

What do I think Kenny Williams can do about it? Not too much right now. I doubt that he would want to trade for an outfielder - since the Sox have a lot of outfielders coming up through their system. Outfield is soming of a strength right now with Jeremy Reed and Joe Borchard at Charlotte.

It really hurts Williams inasmuch as he might have traded Ordonez before July 31 to pick up prospects and promote Jeremy Reed, if he thought that Ordonez wouldn't resign with the Sox as a free agent. However, that's a double-edged sword. Ordonez's stock has just dropped, as he won't be able to put up the 40-HR, 120 RBI numbers this year that will get him the Vlad Guerrero-type contracts. In the end, this injury might bring Maggs back to the White Sox long-term.

I'm only a little surprised that the Sox did not bring up Jeremy Reed or Joe Borchard. Yes, it's true that either of the two could be put into the starting lineup. But Borchard is hurt right now - he's sat out a bunch of games at Charlotte lately - and Reed is only hitting .285 at Charlotte, well below his career rate at a hitter's park. Kenny Williams is on record as preferring to promote people from the minors while they are hot, and Reed is not hot right now. Moreover, a promotion of Reed or Borchard would really make the White Sox 6-deep in the outfield, which they don't really need unless either of the two would be a major improvement over Gload/Perez/Rowand. The truth is, there's no reason to believe they would be a major improvement.

So, although I don't necessarily like the Burke promotion - I would have preferred that switch-hitting infielder Bryant Nelson (.333/.386/.577) be promoted - I don't think it's a bad choice. If Willie Harris going to play a lot of CF, then the Sox don't really need another outfielder.

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