Friday, June 18, 2004

The Reign Of Terror Is Over

Billy Koch was traded to the Marlins for a 26-year old AAA shortstop. The Sox are also giving the Marlins cash, which is only fair, because I'd pay to see him on another team, too. Thank heavens it's over, folks.

Looks like his roster spot will go to Arnie Munoz for now, who will be called up to pitch against Montreal on Saturday. This is a pretty favorable matchup for Arnie - Montreal has a weak offense and Olympic Stadium is a pretty big park. Nick Johnson is the Expos' best hitter, and he's a lefty. I like this move, and I hope Arnie can come out, have a good game, and build some confidence as he rolls on into the rotation. I know the other four starters could use a rest.

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Maybe with Koch gone Ozzie will actually let Munoz pitch a few innings rather than yank him in the third to go with bullpen day.
I'm not sure Ozzie can have too much patience with him. Either he's going to have his curve ball tonight or he will not. If he does not, he'll be out before the fourth inning. Thankfully, Olympic Stadium will mask a lot of mistakes.
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