Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Roster Move - And Roster Question Raised

The Sox announced that Vic Darensbourg was designated for assignment today. That's not a surprise, because with F. Garcia and B. Davis joining the Major League roster for the White Sox, a spot on the 25-man roster opened up. And, I assume, Vic Darensbourg is out of options as a 33-year old veteran reliever.

His designation for assignment, as the press release rather prominently notes, leaves the Sox with 39 players on the 40 man roster. One might think that raises the possibility that the Sox are not done trading, and that an extra spot on the 40-man roster is necessary. If no trade is made, the other question raised is who the Sox would add to the 40-man roster, who would then be eligible for a September call up. Right now, the prominent Sox farm hands not on the 40-man roster are:

Pitchers -
Kris Honel (curious why Ryan Wing is on, but Honel is not)
Josh Stewart (former ML'er w/ 4.59 ERA in Charlotte)
Jeff Bajenaru (1.16 ERA, 49K in 31 IP in B'ham)
Jose Santiago (former ML'er w/ 2.60 ERA in Charlotte)
Courtney Duncan (former ML'er w/ 1.84 ERA in Charlotte)
Josh Fields (2.03 ERA in B'ham)

Hitters -

Bryant Nelson (.307/.359/.534 in Charlotte)
Mike Spidale (.292/.390/.403 in B'ham)

All the other prominent minor leaguers are Carolina League (high-A or lower), and generally not put on the 40-man.

Wouldn't mind seeing Bajenaru put on the 40-man roster, promoted to Charlotte and, if he does well, given a chance to fill a set up role. 49K in 31 IP is pretty impressive - that's 14.22 K/9!

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