Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Shout Out To A Terrific Blog

Anyone who reads this blog (if anyone reads this blog) knows that I am a dyed in the wool Twinkie hater. In fact, I've devoted numerous posts in this blog (here, here, and here) trying to figure out why those stupid Twinkies play better than their stats suggest (I never have found any basis for it other than pure, unadultered, blind-squirrel-getting-a-nut luck).

But the fact that Bat Girl is a Twinkie fan and refers to the White Sox in rather unflattering terms doesn't deter me from pointing you to her blog. Put simply, it's maybe the funniest blog I've ever read. If you only read one more blog before you die, it should be her LEGO-Man re-creation of a rather unusual fielding incident in a Royals-Twins game in May. Her comedic brilliance is so pure, the Colombians would have to cut it multiple times with their worst agent to allow it to get to the streets.

Of course, none of these means that she won't be subject to severe penance in the afterlife for her allegiance to the Devil's own Twins. That's the nice thing about being a White Sox fan - it absolves you from all other forms of penance.

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