Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This Just Isn't Going To Do

Another embarrassing loss tonight at the hands of the 'Toons, another bad start by a starting pitcher (Buerhle with his second horrendous start in a row) and another crappy performance by a Sox reliever - this one courtesy of Mike Jackson, who hopefully has pitched his last game in a Sox uniform.

At this point, the whole staff needs an overhaul. There's no reason that the Sox shouldn't start trading off prospects - Felix Diaz, Jon Rauch, Joe Borchard to fill up the bullpen with quality pitchers for the stretch run. How about a David Weathers or a Lance Carter in the Sox pen. The Sox have a pretty good hitting club this year, but they are starting to let it slip away because of the horrendous performance of the staff in June.

This is not unexpected. Going into the season, the Sox had question marks all over the staff - Schoeneweis in the rotation, and Takatsu, Koch, Cotts, Adkins, and Jackson all essentially unknown quantities in the bullpen.

But it's frustrating that the cheapest commodity out there - bullpen arms - is exactly the commodity the Sox don't seem to have. We'll see what Kenny Williams does before the trading deadline....but with Magglio likely gone this year (in addition to perhaps Loaiza and Valentin), this could be about the best White Sox team we see in a while, and it's a shame to blow it for want of the price of a couple 3.50 ERA middle relievers

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