Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Update - Ordonez Denies Newsday Report

Magglio Ordonez said in the Tribune today that the Newsday report is "a lie." That's a pretty strong denouncement of the report - it's hard to classify that as a non-denial denial. If the Newsday report were generally correct, then Maggs might say "that report is inaccurate, and we are still talking." I doubt that Maggs' agent would not have told him exactly what to say in response to the question about the contract.

The only hair-splitting that may be happening is that Maggs and his agent might see whatever contract offer from the Sox as not being a 5-year 70-million deal, but something else, and that he's not committed to leaving the Sox. Those two inaccuracies might make the story a "lie" from their perspective.

On the White Sox mailing list there's a lot of scuttlebut about "inside information" that Ordonez is gone, but I won't believe it. He's too popular and too valuable to the White Sox for him to let go, and he's not going to find a great market out there this winter.

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