Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Why Message Boards Are Useless

Exhibit A as to why the message boards on WSI are generally useless is this post:

Well folks, this is not it. Getting Freddie is great and all, but this is not where it stops. I have a very, very close source to the situation, and I talk to him frequently. He told me that the Sox aren't done yet. I asked him who and when, but the only thing he told me was July. No names, no nothing. Just July. He told me he knew all along about the Garcia trade, its just that he couldn't say anything. So hold on folks, we are going to see some more shortly. And when you ask yourselves, 'Who is this source?', just take my word for it. He is very close to the Sox organization. He is to be believed.

People waste electrons on this stuff? The poster describes a source who won't be named or described as anything other than "very close to the Sox organization," and can only say that, based on his conversation with the source, that the "Sox aren't done trading yet" and that a "July" is when things will happen. I guess when the Sox make another trade in July - (they made 4 of them last year, Everett, Alomar, Schoeneweis, Sullivan), major or minor, this poster will crow that he told you so! Or if nothing happens, the "source" will say that "things fell through because the other team got hot/there was an injury/got caught in salary problems/other team got cold feet/etc."

This is pretty exemplary of the infantile material on the WSI message boards - a person makes an essentially unverifiable claim to seek attention from the other members. Like trolling, it has no value to a conversation on the issues. I think I'm pretty much done with WSI.

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