Sunday, July 25, 2004

Dear Twins fans, 

You may have gotten a little taste of what it is like to be a White Sox fan rooting against the Twins last night. 
Let me recap.  Game tied 2-2 after a Miguel Tejada home run.   The Twins get a runner to second with one out in a tie game in the 7th and the runner(Mint-kreme-wich) promptly runs into an out at third base like a dumbass.  In the bottom of the 7th, Joe Roa bungles a sacrifice bunt, putting runners on 1st and 2nd with none out and dooming the Twins to give up the lead run.
Meanwhile, while Twinkie-rooters try to take solace in the 6-2 Tigers lead, the White Sox plot their comeback. 
Then, in real time, the Orioles put away the Twinkies.  B.J. Ryan made three successive Twinkies look punchless.  The Orioles score an insurance run on a pure hustle play - Miggy Tejada races home from second after Matt LeCroy throws the ball into centerfield.  Jorge Julio closes the game out. 
The Sox score 3 to make it 6-5 in the 7th, including 2 on an improbable, throw-the-bat-at-the-ball-and-pray-to-St.-Jude swing by Joe Crede.  Carlos Lee walks in the bottom of the 8th and then hustles to 2nd ahead of a double play.  Like manna from heaven, after Paul Konerko is 0-2, Esteban Yan throws a pitch that Pudge Rodriguez can't handle, and Carlos Lee scampers to third.  Paul Konerko needs only one pitch to make the most of this gift - arcing Yan's next offering high into the night sky and out of the range of the weak arms of the Tiger outfielders, and Lee raced home.
Then, after surviving a threat in the top of the 9th, the Sox came to the plate in the bottom of the 9th.  Aaron Rowand takes some mighty cuts, but slices only air and returns to the bench.  Then light-hitting third baseman Joe Crede takes to the box.  He goes down 0-2 in the count quickly.  He takes the third pitch...a ball by micrometers, if it was a ball at all.  The Sox catch a break.  After another close pitch is called a ball, Joe Crede works the count to 3-2.  After a mighty swing an a foul, he connects with the next Urbina pitch, sending it into ...pure bedlam, indelibly marking a moment in time with the joyous screams of 38,000 Sox faithful.  And sending the Twins into second place.
That may be what being a White Sox fan is like when the Twins do the same.  Now run the same show over and over again, and you'll begin to understand.

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