Friday, July 30, 2004

Falling Deeper Into The Abyss

With yesterday's 3-2 loss to the Tigers the Sox have now lost 5 in a row, going from a 0.5 game lead on the Twhiners to a 4.0 game deficit. Yikes, it happens that fast. Last night's game was so bad I could only watch it on TiVo at 2x and 3x fast forward; slowing it down to see the Sox's futility at the plate was just too hard. That was OK, though, as it made watching the game about a 15-minute exercise. [If you're a Sox fan and you don't have TiVo, you should get it, because the Sox are less painful with it. If there was only a TiVo for life so I could skip through the lame and/or embarrassing parts].

Why this downward spiral? Well, Ozzie Guillen has put his finger on it; the Sox do not get on base enough:

"We are going to find a leadoff guy," Guillen said. "If what we have is not doing the job, I will tell Kenny Williams to get me someone to get on base. That's what we need. We need some people to get on base. We lead the nation, we lead the history of baseball, in solo home runs.

"I don't see any team in baseball, ever, hit so many solo home runs. That's what we are doing right

And the statistics bear this out. Here's last night's lineup with their overall OBP and OBP in July:

PlayerSeason July
W Harris0.3550.364
T Perez0.3080.242
C Lee0.3660.370
C Everett0.3280.319
P Konerko0.3650.350
J Valentin0.3000.207
A Rowand0.3520.375
J Crede0.2920.262
S Alomar Jr0.3160.227
That's pretty pathetic. Four guys below a .300 OBP in July to counter the four guys at or around a .350 OBP. Mind you, coming into July, the Sox had a team OBP of over .350. Not only that, but the lineup, as Guillen has structured it, never puts two high-OBP guys back to back in the lineup. A better lineup would probably go (1) Harris, (2) Rowand, (3) Lee, (4) Konerko to get all of the Sox's high OBP guys going in the first inning. But four guys with a below .300 OBP is never going to cut it.

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