Thursday, July 08, 2004

A Note On Black Betsy

I've been fairly busy at work in the last few weeks, thus decreasing the number of posts on Black Betsy. That's not going to get any better, because I am headed to Chicago for the weekend, and then to Houston for the All-Star Game. During my stay in Chicago, I'm going to Saturday night game against the Mariners. Thankfully, Mark Buerhle will go to the bump that game, giving me a much better chance of seeing a Sox victory.

During my absence (through next wednesday), who knows, maybe Aaron Stigberg will make a post or two. What say you, Aaron?

Comments-[ comments.]
I heard Stigberg is in a Mexican prison.

Just an Internet rumor, but you know they are usually spot-on.
I'm alive! I'll try to think of something pithy to post. Maybe I'll rant about the schedule or the ASG...
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