Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Schedule Prognostications

Last year, I took a look at the comparative schedules of the Sox and Twins in early August and came to the conclusion that the Twins, despite the fact that they were 4 games behind the Royals and a couple of games behind the White Sox, would win the AL Central, most likely by 2 games or so.  They wound up winning it by 4 games, but one Sox win and one Twin loss would have made the prediction dead-on.

I've done the same this year on a spreadsheet, which I'd be happy to e-mail to anyone if they want to play with the projections.  This year, based on the upcoming schedules (and taking into account road and home splits), I think the Sox will finish 2 games up on the Twins, due to the Twins' schedule being about 2 games harder than the Sox's schedule.  Note also that 6 of the 9 Sox/Twins games are in US Cellular, which bodes well for the Sox.  


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