Thursday, August 19, 2004

Aaron Rowand

If you only read a couple of White Sox blogs, or maybe you only read this White Sox blog, you should read this entry from The Cheat's blog about Aaron Rowand.

Put simply, The Cheat makes the case that over the last 162 games, Aaron Rowand has been the among the best 4 or 5 all-around centerfielders in the major leagues. He's posted a .946 OPS (.326/.371/.575) over his last 405 AB. His range has been excellent, his arm has been very good, and he generally makes the plays on defense. He's been impressive.

405 at bats is a significant number of at bats for such a perfomance - it's hard to believe that such a line over 405 AB is a total fluke. I doubt Rowand will put up a career .946 OPS (a large number of those 405 AB are against lefties, and he's often sat against righties over the last year), but at an .850 OPS (assuming .340/.510), he would be among the top 10 or so centerfielders in the game, and extremely valuable to the White Sox as they look for strength up the middle.

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