Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Black Betsy Sucks!

I know, I haven't posted in a week. But the Sox tend to take weeks off at a time, now, don't they? In fact, since I last posted, they went an unremarkable 4-3. Not quite lighting up the world, now, are they?

And hey, remember what Brad said about mediocrity. They added another 4-6 mark in their 11th 10-game segment to the season, meaning that they have:

five 6-4 stretches;

three 5-5 stretches;

two 4-6 stretches; and

one 3-7 stretch.

Mediocrity is the Sox's middle name. (And you thought it was "White," as in "Freaking White Sox!")

That's not going to cut it, folks. Winning teams have dominant stretches during the season - they go 8-2 a couple of times, 7-3 a bunch of times, and even may go 9-1. The Sox haven't done that. They haven't even put together a 7-3 ten-game segment. What that tells me is that they simply haven't been able to put themselves on a roll, which makes me wonder about how uneven the Sox's talent is. Very good players are surrounded by less-than-replacement-level players. That's not the recipe for being consistent, or being consistently good.

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