Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Even The Expos Deserve A Blog

Well, for another blog post, I'll just do what I do best - steal from Jule. Jule sent me a great e-mail today, which I'll share with everyone.

So, my Expos crack got me thinkin' -- Are there actually any Expos blogs out there? Sure enough there is. And the first one I find is quite good, for several reasons:

-- Excellent modest slogan -- "If the Royals have a blog, so should the Expos" [Black Betsy: this one is too good for words. How about this slogan for the Cleveland Indians "Everyone has a chance in this division"]

-- A predictable but informative opening entry about how good the 94 Expos were, winning 110 out of 162 games from late '93 to early '95. I suspect this theme is worn out in Expo BlogLand.

-- A lively debate about whether Youppi, the mascot, is gay. [Youppi is more popular than any Expo player, I believe. I went to a celebration of Youppi's birthday in Montreal in 1999, and it actually drew a 10,000+ crowd against the Pirates. The Expos lost. I have no opinion on whether Youppi is gay, but if he is, there's nothing wrong with that]

-- A close monitoring of the ESPN power poll, and the Expos recent modest ascent up it.

Black Betsy, now speaking in the third person, notes that should the Expos move to D.C. or Northern Virginia, Black Betsy will finally have an allegiance to a National League team. Although my Cub-hating has waxed an waned over the years, I've never picked up a National League team consistently. During the 1980's, when Continental Cablevision brought WOR to Calumet City, I cheered for the Mets, even rooting for them against the Red Sox in 1986. I picked up the Astros for a while in the mid-90's out of respect for Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, et al, but never really followed them closely. I've like the San Francisco Giants since about 1987 and Will Clark and the original RBI baseball (which warrants a post in itself).

So maybe Black Betsy will become a joint Sox/Spos blog next year. How about BlackBetsy/GrandeOrange?

Comments-[ comments.]
Hello from Les Expos,

Glad someone found my little bit of Expo-goodness on the web, and seemed to at least get something from it.

In reference to "BlackBetsy/GrandeOrange," I say go for it. As a dedicated Yankee fan, it's been nice having an NL team.


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