Monday, August 30, 2004

Low OBP All-Stars Make Appearance In Cleveland

Together again for the very first time....the Chicago White Sox low on base percentage all stars! They may be "grinders," but they sure can't grind themselves to first base! See them ground out! See them fly out! See them hack away at first pitches! But you will not, you cannot see them get on base!

I think, with the exception of Konerko and possibly Harris and Gload, yesterday's starting lineup consists exactly of the members of the 2004 White Sox who I would NOT like to see next year:

Player Season OBP Career OBP



























What happened to Ozzie and Kenny's interest in guys who get on base?

Note to Phil Rogers, who wrote:

After all, the White Sox are hitting .255 with a .314 on-base percentage in the
second half. Both of those figures rank 12th in the AL.

It's time to audition the two in-house candidates at the position—Juan Uribe, who has had
only 26 starts at short this year, and Wilson Valdez, a solid fielder who is hitting .310 in 61 games at Triple-A Charlotte. Guillen worked with him in Florida.

Here's a hint, Phil. Juan Uribe has a .314 OBP. He's part of the problem, not part of the solution. Wilson Valdez? He's 26 and in his what, 2nd year of AAA? He has 8 walks against 240 at bats. Again, not part of the solution.

And Ozzie Guillen, of the .287 career OBP Guillens, is not exactly the guy you want working with your hitters to teach them to get on base. (Note, Greg Walker himself was not that steller in getting on-base either. Try Harold Baines as a guy who knew how to get on base. Heck, even Joey Cora knew how to get on base at a .348 clip).

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