Friday, August 06, 2004

No Jinxing Brandon McCarthy

A quick note (I've got a huge post coming soon) for now... despite my best efforts to jinx Brandon McCarthy with a positive post about him, he keeps chugging along. Last night he put up this line for Winston-Salem:


His single run allowed came when a leadoff man struck out, but reached first on a wild pitch, stole second, and was moved over and in by a grounder and a sacrifice fly.

His K/BB ratio at Winston-Salem is now 52-3, which is a little bit better than 17-1.

FYI, I should have mentioned that Brandon McCarthy was born on July 7, 1983, making him 21 years old. Although it's not inconceivable that he has a great year in Birmingham next year and gets promoted to the Sox before the end of 2005 - a la Mark Buerhle in 2000- it's not likely you'd see McCarthy before 2006, with 2007 more likely.

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