Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sox Donuts

On Soxtalk.com, there is currently an interesting debate concerning Joe Crede going on right now. But beyond that, a poster named "TLAK" posted a great table of the number of "Donuts" by each Sox player thus far this year. TLAK defines "Donuts" as having more than 1 AB and having 0 hits and 0 walks.

No surprise that Frank Thomas has the lowest percentage of donuts - failing to get on base in only 7% of his games.

There are some surprises however. Despite his .370 OBP, Aaron Rowand has a slightly higher percentage of Donut games than Willie Harris. For the most part, Sox players are between 20-25%. Joe Crede, however, is in a league by himself. He has failed to get on base via a hit or walk in almost 40% of his games. That's atrocious, making his .290 OBP look even worse (if that is possible). In essence, Crede is too inconsistent to be valuable. By comparison, Jose Valentin has a .295 or so OBP but manages to get on base in more than 75% of his games. That extra bit of consistency makes Valentin a much more valuable player to the Sox.

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