Friday, August 27, 2004

Walking In The Minors Honor Roll

Here's the latest update on the Sox farm hands that are walking more than once per ten at bats. As always, the list is too short. But you have to like that Brian Anderson is on the list - he's one of the Sox's better prospects. If you used Joe Borchard's MLB stats, he would make the list, too, although he falls just short on his Charlotte-only numbers with 30 walks and 301 at bats. I haven't included the rookie leagues (Great Falls and Bristol), but, believe me, you aren't missing much:

Player Level(s) BB AB Rate
Ryan Hankins AAA 28 278 0.10
Scott Bikowski AAA/AA 46 272 0.17
Brian Anderson AA/A+ 45 427 0.11
Andy Gonzalez AA/A+ 57 381 0.15
Carlos Maldonado AA 48 347 0.14
Tommy Nicholson AAA/AA/A+ 37 303 0.12
Rich Paz AAA/AA 49 277 0.18
Rob Sasser AA 44 379 0.12
Mike Spidale AA 56 447 0.13
Thomas Brice A+/A- 41 378 0.11
Ricardo Nanita A+/A- 45 376 0.12
Casey Rogowski A+ 81 427 0.19
Leo Daigle A- 43 405 0.11
Cory Haggerty A- 34 225 0.15
Chris Young A- 58 435 0.13

Kudos to Casey Rogowski for walking more than everyone in the Sox organization except for Frank Thomas. It would be nice for your terrific season at Winston-Salem to go rewarded next year. Special mention to Mike Spidale, who not only has 56 walks, but also has endured getting hit by 11 pitches to score himself a .388 OBP. His motto should be "Just Get On Base, Baby!" His OBP would be over .390 were he not a team player who leads the Barons in Sacrifice Flies. No wonder he was the Barons' MVP.

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