Friday, September 17, 2004

10 Days Since Black Betsy Post

And can you name one good thing that has happened to the White Sox? Has any of the Sox's young talent stepped forward with a good close to the season? No. Jose Contreras has had two horrible starts. Jon Garland looks listless. Joe Borchard not only hasn't gotten it together, but Ozzie really isn't playing him that much.

Sure, Rowand marches on with his stellar season and Konerko is looking to hit 40 home runs. But this is as discouraged as I've felt about a White Sox team in some time. This is a team with its best days behind them, rather than in front of them. This is a team that is not built to compete in the A.L. Central. Read that again. This is a team that is not built to compete in the A.L. Central. It doesn't have enough starting pitching, doesn't have a reliable bullpen, and can't get on base to score runs. Shocking, but true, and it'll be another long offseason until spring comes around again.

The most depressing part is that the White Sox minor league teams are finished playing (with the exception of the Arizon Fall League SkySox), meaning that we won't be able to follow the exploits of Mike Spidale or Casey Rogowski or any of the other minor leaguers that actually walk and get on base (wait, there aren't any, with the possible exception of Chris Young).

Doom and gloom. Gloom and doom. Sounds like September on the South Side.

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