Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Sox Are Undefeated!

When playing in games that do not matter. Tonight, they picked up another stat-inflating, meaningless victory against the Twinkies.

Would have been nice when it counted, lads.

P.S., I'm starting, slowly but surely, to like Joe Borchard. He has an uncanny inability to get more than one hit in a game . . . but he does draw bases on balls. God love him, if we could combine his walking ability with Aaron Rowand's hitting ability, the Sox would have a damn good right fielder. Whoops, we already had one.

I say the Sox finish at least 9-4 in games that don't matter (last two of Twins series, eight against Royals, three against Tigers) to wind up 83-79 on the season. Oddly enough, that's exactly the record I predicted for them before the season.

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