Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Warming Up In The Bullpen. . .

At long last,
Ozzie Guillen's seen enough of Felix Diaz. What gave it away, Ozzie? The 92-mph straight-ball, the lack of movement on the pitches, the lack of a third pitch, or the tape measure shots? Guillen says it's Diaz's lack of a third pitch:
"To me, he's not going to be in the big leagues as a starter unless he comes with something [other than a fastball and change-up]," Guillen said.

Me personally, I would have taken something from the 11 home runs he gave up in 32.2 innings. But that's just me as a stat-hound. I mean, that's only a 66-home-run pace over 200 innings. Not anything record breaking....ooops, I guess it would be.
But I come here to bury Felix Diaz, not to praise him. Diaz did give the Sox one of their two wins against the Cubs this year, so it's hard to say that his term with the Sox was an utter failure. It's doubtful that he will start for the White Sox in the future (barring injuries). Next year's rotation looks set already with Garcia, Buehrle, Contreras and Garland, with the 5th starter (or Number 1, 2 or 3 starter) to be acquired through free-agency. I'd also look for Brandon McCarthy to be in the Sox's plans for 2006 as a replacement for Garland as he heads to free agency.

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