Saturday, January 29, 2005

PECOTA And Sox Pitching

Doug Gribben, White Sox fan extraordinaire, pointed me to this post by Will Carroll about the White Sox's offseason moves. Among other things, Carroll (who writes for BP himself) notes that Baseball Prospectus's PECOTA predictions for the Sox's starting staff do not make much sense. I quote:
One other note: The Pecota for the Sox starting staff, which has all 5 starters posting ERA’s between 4.35 and 5.05 is a load. Yeah, US Cellular is unkind to pitchers, but these numbers would be career worst for almost each pitcher in the rotation. Pecota is generally a beautiful thing, but occasionally it misses the mark and I just don’t see the staff putting up those huge ERA’s.
Clearly, Mr. Carroll is an astute reader of Black Betsy. I just wish he'd give me a little credit .

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