Monday, February 28, 2005

Keep Talking Smack, Torii

Torii Hunter disses the Sox's offseason moves in the Sun-Times today, saying:

''The only thing I'm afraid of with the White Sox is 'Ohhh-wee-ohh,
Magg-lee-ohhh.' When they played that, I was afraid,'' Hunter said. ''Carlos
Lee, when he came up, I was afraid. OK, these two guys are gone, I'm kinda not afraid anymore.''

I guess there's no reason to fear Konerko and his 41 home runs. No reason to fear Frank Thomas, either.

Here's one thing you should fear, Torii.
El Duque and a fastball in your backside the first time you face him.

It's nice to see the Twins running their mouths about the White Sox and their chances like the White Sox have done in previous years. Maybe the results will repeat themselves.

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