Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another Ozzie April Comeback

As it turns out, the Sox have had these late-inning comebacks in April under Ozzie Guillen before. There was April 14 against KC last year. There was April 25 against Tampa Bay, too. And who can forget the granddaddy of them all, April 28 against Cleveland, where the Sox scored 5 in the ninth to grab a 9-8 victory.

So, my response to yesterday's game is, YAWN. You've got to expect heartattack victories under the Oz.

Too early to tell anything about this team. I do not like Iguchi's swing at all, and feel like he'll have a hard time hitting well in MLB with that swing. Maybe it was just early-game jitters when I saw him. Podsednik's swing looks a little funny to me, too. Then again, we've already got Juan Uribe's funny cut on our team, so we seem to be collecting strange swings.

Hey, you know what I think about Cleveland? They had a really bad bullpen last year (read more specifically about it here). And they have not really improved it by much. It's the same cast of characters from last year, with the exception of Arthur Rhodes. Good old David Riske is back, our man Bob Wickman, and Bobby Howry. The Jndjans bullpen was their Achilles' heel last year, and it'll be their Achilles' heel this year I believe as well.

Meanwhile, the Twinkies are 2-1 beating Seattle (99 losses last year) two of three in Seattle. Frustratingly, lucky-as-hell Carlos Silva continued his lucky streak, giving up 9 hits and striking out NOBODY but allowing only 1 run against the Mariners. Where are you Voros McCracken when we need you the most?

First two days assessment: Pitching good, hitting not so good. The first two days' assessment will be tested sorely this afternoon as Jose Contreras takes the hill. Could be a no-hitter. Could be in the showers by 1:45. You never can tell.

By the way, the White Sox got a little sympathy from the Gray Lady about the long dry spell of World Series champions. Well, misery loves company and the New York Times, I guess.

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