Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crede's Semi-Shot At Mauer

The Cheat noticed this first, but Joe Crede did give a little love tap to Joe Mauer as he scored from third tagging on a fly ball in the fifth inning last night. And Rick Morrisey and Mark Gonzales noticed it, too.

I've always thought that Torii Hunter invited massive retaliation on Mauer with his
cheap shot on Jamie Burke last year. To mix a metaphor, given Mauer's knee problems, people who have glass catchers should not throw stones.

By the way, Podsednik had a perfectly good opportunity to bowl over Mauer in the first inning but didn't. Given Podsednik's slight stature and recent injuries, I do not blame him, but allowing Mauer to block the plate like that was the reason he was out.

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I think I agree with the sun-times take on it rather than Morrissey's. It _wasn't_ toughness, but just a simple spur of the moment act. A bowling-over by a healthy Pods (he sure looked healthy tonight eh?) would have been something, but Crede's batting of Mauer's mitt is not worth noting IMO. The Sox winning 4 of the first 5 against the Quims shows me a LOT more than any one play.
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