Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Judy Tonight

In case you missed it, Jon Garland was in total command tonight in blanking the A's on 4 hits, getting his second career shutout. Garland's game log thus far this season is pretty interesting, too. So far this season, he's gone longer each start and given up fewer runs:

4/9 vs. Twins63
4/15 vs. Mariners72
4/20 vs. Tigers81
4/25 vs. A's90

I will reserve judgment on Garland. I've been fooled by Garland in this space before. Could I have really written that Garland might be a game 1 or game 2 starter in the playoffs for the Sox? Yikes. But I have to admit, it's a hell of a start to a season.

Other Notes:

The Sox actually drew an intentional walk tonight....with 2 HBP and 2 walks, they reached 4 times without getting a hit or benefitting from an error. When Everett got the intentional walk so that Juan Cruz could face Konerko, I remember thinking that is exactly what Konerko needs . . . and he promptly delivered. Looks like Joe Crede was limping, and he was taken out. [ed- he was taken out for an arm problem. Weird, I thought he was running poorly] Everett was clutch again in the 7th, but his average has slipped to the .250's....he carried the White Sox for the first week and a half it seemed. The Sox finished their second 10-game segment with a 9-1, unheard of in recorded history (well, in Black Betsy history).

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