Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ozzie and Maggs

Well, I have not commented on it thus far, but it bears mentioning. As most Sox fans know, Ozzie Guillen had some choice words for Maggio Ordonez this week:

"'He's a piece of (bleep),' Guillen told White Sox beat writers after learning of Ordonez's contempt for Guillen and alleging his manager steered him away from the Sox and to Detroit.

'He's a (bleep), that's what he is,' Guillen continued. 'He's another Venezuelan (bleep). (Bleep) him. 'He has an enemy. Now he has a big one. He knows I can (bleep) him a lot of different ways. He better shut the (bleep) up and play for the Detroit Tigers.'"

I do not find the vulgarity shocking or interesting - it's more comical than anything - but Guillen does say one thing that interests me. He says that he can [bleep] Ordonez is a lot of different ways. How can the Sox's manager [bleep] a player on another team?

(1) Have his pitchers throw at him. Wouldn't this be too obvious now and simply make Guillen ripe for a suspension?

(2) Have something happen to him in Venezuala? Is Ozzie a member of some Venezualan cosa nostra? (cosa nuestro?). Doubtful, Ozzie's too rich to need to be in the mob.

(3) Reveal something about Magglio? This seems to be a more likely result. But what would he reveal? Would he talk to the mother of Magglio Jr. and Maggliana about Maggs' on-the-road behavior? Or would he rat out Magglio for the use of steroids?

I doubt Ozzie would tell how he could bleep Maggs, but it's an interesting thing to consider. Even if Ozzie said something about steroids, would that really hurt Maggs at all? Could Detroit void his contract? At the end of the day, I guess I do not give a bleep.

In other news...the Sox walked
7 times last night in beating the KC Royals 8-2. The Sox have now walked 31 times in 17 games, which is still historically awful. It was good to see Freddy Garcia to throw a pretty nice game in adverse conditions. Giving up no walks in last night's blustery weather was relatively impressive. In fact, Garcia, Garland and Buehrle are all showing great control this year so far:


The Royals look bad. They do not pitch well, field well, or hit well. At times, I began to feel sorry for them and for their fans. But that's the old way of thinking...I quickly lost the sympathy when I remembered that the Royals actually won a World Series in my lifetime, and played in one other. Your cup runneth over, Royals fans.

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