Monday, April 25, 2005

"Wow" Stat Line From The Minors

If you follow the Sox's minor league fortunes (I do so on soxtalk.com, which is the best site to follow the Sox's farm system), you've probably heard about Gio Gonzalez, a pitcher the Sox drafted out of high school last year as a supplemental first round draft pick. He "slid" in the draft because he had been kicked off of his high school team, apparently because his mother complained about his brother's playing time to the coach. After an impressive debut last year, he's put up this absurd stat line thus far this year:


That line, dear readers, is an absurdity. One hit every two innings, and almost two strikeouts per inning. He's had four starts, with 9 K's, 10K's, 9 K's, and 10 K's - never pitching more than 6 innings. He's dominating the South Atlantic League even more so than Brandon McCarthy last year.

This is a low-A player, mind you, meaning that caution in expectations is required, but his performance thus far is still impressive stuff.

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I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing that the Sox might have another guy coming up right around the time Buehrle and Garland hit the free agent markets.

I mean, excellent pitching is always good...but I always worry it'll just give Reinsdorf a reason not to pay Mark what he's earned, and damn has that guy earned his dollars already this year.
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