Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A New White Sox Fan Is Born

Here is an essentially unedited e-mail sent to me by a good friend, whose young son is developing allegiences to baseball teams. Lots of baseball teams.

To: SuperNoVa

From: Don Money

Last night, during dinner, we were watching the Angels-Sox ninth
inning. Here is a near-verbatim transcript of my conversation with
[my son]:

T: Are the Nationals still playing?
Me: No that's a different game.
T: Who is that, the Yankees?
Me: No, it's the White Sox against the Angels.
T: Where are the White Sox from?
Me: Chicago.
T: You went to Chicago!
Me: Yes I did.
T: Where the Angels from?
Me: California.
T: Are the Angels girls?
Me: Not recently.
T: Are the White Sox girls?
Me: Not recently.
T: Do girls play baseball?
Me: Yes, sometimes, but not in the big leagues.
[Angels score to take the lead]
Me: Wow!
T: What happened?
Me: The Angels are winning 4-3.
T: The Carolina Angels are winning?
Me: Yes.
T: Go Angels!
[Later, the White Sox win]
Me: Unbelievable.
T: What?
Me: The White Sox won that game and they were losing.
T: How many did they have?
Me: They had 5 and the Angels had 4.
T: They won 5 to 4?
Me: Yes.
T: Go White Sox! I like the White Sox. I like the Yankees, the
Nationals, the Pirates, the Blue Jays, the Red Sox and the White Sox.

So, I expect the White Sox will have a new fan for the next 24 to 48
hours, before Thomas learns that there are still 24 or so teams he
doesn't know about.

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