Friday, July 08, 2005


And I don't mean that in the Darrin Jackson calling a home run sense. Although I've been taking much glee at the demise of the Yankees this year, they are far, far from dead. Since they hit their nadir on May 6th (11-19), here are the standings in the American League:


White Sox 35 19 0.648
Yankees 33 20 0.623
Angels 34 22 0.607
Indians 34 23 0.596
Red Sox 31 24 0.564
Rangers 28 25 0.528
Twins 29 26 0.527
Blue Jays 28 27 0.509
Tigers 28 27 0.509
Athletics 27 28 0.491
Orioles 26 30 0.464
Mariners 24 31 0.436
Royals 22 33 0.400
Devil Rays 16 40 0.286

As you can see, there's quite a bit of fight left in the Yankees, and 30 games into the season was far too early to think that they were dead. Playing .623 baseball over the last 132 games of the season would get the Yankees to 93 wins.

In case you had not noticed, the other contenders in the AL East have not exactly been setting the world on fire, either. The Orioles have sputtered after a terrific start and look destined for third place. The Red Sox, although in first place with a 3 game lead, are at pace that will not get them well past 93 wins. Indeed, with Keith Foulke regaining his Keith Choulke title, and Schilling being slow to come back from injury, I would not be shocked to see the Yankees in first place by August. Heck, they could be in first place a week after the All Star break.

This all speaks to how the White Sox might approach (I hate to say the word too soon) the playoffs. If the Yankees and Red Sox are going to be involved, they need to have someone better than Jose Contreras starting game four of a series. It would be great for the Sox to pick up another playoff-proven, #2 type starter, and it's time to start thinking about the price of losing in the playoffs. Kenny Williams repeated "1917" a bunch of times last year - it's time to see whether we can pick up a guy who can bring us to the promised land this year.

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Why would you think Contreras will be one of the 4 post-season starters? El Duque was obtained mainly for his post-season success (and our gaping hole in the 5-spot).

Contreras will be in the bullpen if the Sox make it to the playoffs.
Noticed the same thing about the Yanks. Wish someone would just put a stake in them and be done with that.
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